What the experts say…



“There is an answer and it doesn’t cost the earth – just a little dedication and a lot of love.”   That’s what I call “having a

passion for the mission!”  Thank you for all you do for our youth……….and their healthy future……..

Gwyn P. Parry, M.D.



Gabriela Robles

Dr. Patricia has achieved amazing outcomes in reducing childhood obesity. That is why St. Joseph Health Community Partnership Fund has been pleased to support her work.

Gabriela Robles

St. Joseph Health

Vice President, Community Partnerships




Albert Chang, MD MPH

Pediatrician and Regional Medical Director Orange County AltaMed Health Services Corporation

Having practiced pediatrics in Orange County now for almost 10 years, I feel very fortunate that we have a program such as Dr Riba’s Health Club for our at risk obese patient population. She has brought together an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced set of specialists who provide a directed level of care and resources to our young patients and their families. In my busy offices, we are oftentimes unable to provide the time to fully educate and answer all the patients questions during the single visit. Dr Riba’s program is able to provide the time to go over the individualized patient care plan, and hit all the most important aspects of care with her Multidisciplinary Team. Their team’s unique way of connecting and inspiring children and parents both has made a meaningful impact within the Orange County community and among my patients and their families.




Shelley Hoss – President

Orange County Community Foundation

Dr. Riba is a knowledgeable and passionate warrior in the battle against childhood obesity. She is a leading advocate for children’s health and wellbeing, and has found effective strategies fo demystifying what it takes to eat and live healthfully in ways that Shelley Hoss – President

Orange County Community Foundation


I had the pleasure of attending your presentation at Children and Family Services,and was impressed by your knowledge re: Nutrition and related concerns.  My wife is a Registered Dietician, MSRD, who has been in practice for over 25 years, with a specialization in treating E.D. patients, overeaters etc.  She is well known in her field of work.  When one lives with someone for years they have the opportunity to benefit vicariously, if not directly regarding their housemate’s area of expertise, and in my particular case I have developed a basic  knowledge  re: Nutrition and related issues.  In view of this I can tell whether or not a particular individual is well-versed in vocation.  Your presentation paralleled many of the practices that my wife has espoused over the years, and therefore I know that you are highly competent in your in your profession.

Gary S. James, M.S.
Senior Social Worker
Family Maintenance Collaborative Services
Children and Family Services, County of Orange








Dr. Patricia Reba is one of my favorite people in southern California where for years she has run the Dr. Riba’s Health Club, serving children of the poorest parts of Orange County and working especially with kids struggling with chronic obesity. Her Dr. Riba’s Health Club is locally famous,

~Hugh Hewitt

Radio Talk Show Host