Serving Kids Hope

Serving Kids Hope (SKHope) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of nutrition-related problems in children and their families. SKHope gives access to those in the greatest need through individual patient care plans with a multidisciplinary team. We also enable outreach/educational programs to reach the community, schools, and providers to promote the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. Through these avenues in 2015 we reached 5,000 underserved children and their families, as well as the providers that serve them.  We are driven to raise awareness of childhood obesity and provide a safety net for those in need in Orange County, California where obesity and diabetes are serious concerns.

Children who are obese are often nutritionally insufficient and insecure. Combating childhood obesity is critical in ensuring that children grow in to healthy adulthood. Children who are obese have a shorter life-expectancy, and are subject to medical issues such as liver failure, diabetes, heart disease, orthopedic issues as well as psychological issues like increased anxiety and depression, fourfold increase in failed school performance, and quality of life issues with obese children is comparable to those diagnosed or in treatment with cancer. Helping these children is the cornerstone of our vision.

Our Mission:


The mission of Serving Kids Hope is to promote healthy lifestyles in children, families, and communities by addressing medical, nutritional, social, economic and behavioral issues in a comprehensive, compassionate, and empowering manner.

Our Objectives:

  1. Increase awareness of the childhood obesity epidemic.
  2. Educate families, providers and the community about treating and preventing childhood obesity.
  3. To provide a safety net to families with nutrition related issues in Orange County.